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There’s always lots of data in my campaigns, even if the players don’t have access to it initially. It’s easy to miss something that was just drop off handed, or that was important but your notes look weird.

The Wiki is designed for player information that the characters have gathered, or the players themselves know. Player knowledge will be listed with the OCC tag.

Character Information

Everyone knows things about their world. Traveler exchange information, the characters have ridden over 400 miles through the Republic and grown up near the center of the Republic, so of course they would know certain things.

Everything from typical tree types, to common building materials, to what people wear, to what common food is, is all known by characters. While the fact that the Tulip Bulb Shire grows the best potatoes might not seem that big of a deal, you never know when that information might prove handy.

So the IC notations cover stuff that your characters know.

Varying Information

As the players have discovered, the official line taught in school and by tutors within the Republic is quite different from reality. How far the rot goes, why it is happening, is all something for future discovery. You might find 2-4 pages on a single subject, broken down as follows:

University Information is what the University of Malgata has published and disseminated as far as official knowledge. As the characters have discovered, this is either deliberately or ignorantly wrong.
Character Information This is what the characters have figured out
Local Information At times the locals will know things that differs from the official lines.
Sage Report Your sage buddy is more than happy to write up reports for you, comparing University Data to your own discoveries.

NPC Information

All of you have been cultivating relationships with townspeople. Now, I’ll put Wiki pages up for each NPC. One thing is that it is possible to make it so only you see the information that has to do with your character regarding that NPC, so if you see something in the NPC Wiki information that only your character knows, that doesn’t mean it’s common knowledge.

For your ease of mine, I will mark information known by only one character with that’s character’s name.

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