A Dying World

The Republic is failing. The moons no longer rotate, the High Imperator and the High Judges have been set aside so that the Senate rules alone, the City States lay only half occupied, and there is no more coal or iron. Animal birth rates are dropping. Fungus and disease have struck at many crops. River and lake levels are at an all time low. Many people have been forced from the city to logging camps to cut down forests after the last coal mine ran out, and those that haven’t toil to feed the City States in farms.

Our heroes have left the Republic’s safer areas and journeyed to the Northern Frontier. There they have discovered a town built on the ruins of the Sixth Empire, that shows technology beyond what the Republic can produce. A legion that still exists despite the Senate disbanding the Legions over a century ago. Piles of stone marked with engraved numbers. A bridge that is impossible to build. And a road that goes nowhere.

What lies in store, what in history is true, and can the heroes set things right in the Republic.

Or is it too far gone to save?

Unknown Frontiers